We help digital advertisers get the most value out of every single impression by running media on the most sophisticated programmatic platform in the industry. Our proprietary platform is rich with performance-driving features you can’t get anywhere else such as time of day impression-smoothing and algorithmic frequency capping. Using predictive intelligence fueled by multi-touch decisioning, we build the tech that solves the toughest problems in programmatic.

Multi-touch Decisioning Is the Foundation of Our RealValue Advertising Platform

Multi-touch Decisioning Is the Foundation of Our RealValue Advertising Platform

We consider the value of every single impression a user sees to make an optimization or bidding decision, not just the last one. Just as someone sees multiple ads before making a purchase, we consider multiple ads when optimizing.

Intelligent Insights and Robust Reporting

Our reporting shows you a clear-box view into what’s working and what’s not. Get transparent day-to-day analytics and merge your offline and online data sets to show real sales lift.

Unparalleled Fraud Protection to Stop Problems Before They Start

We are vigilant in rooting out bad actors and ensuring that your ads run in a brand-safe environment. We offer protection from unwanted inventory and suspicious traffic and regularly beat every clean-ads industry benchmark by far.

Harness the Power of Data Science Before You Ever Place a Bid

Pre-bid Technology – Data Science That Performs

Predictive performance

Bring big-data algorithmic optimization to local-sized budgets.

Dimensional bidding

Optimize your supply path by bidding on site and exchange in combination.

Impression valuation

Start valuing impressions one at a time instead of a thousand at a time.

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