At Goodway Group, we know the combination of doing well as a company and doing good in our communities can bring about greater change than either on its own. This philosophy is the cornerstone of our Goodway Cares program.

Over the years, we at Goodway have developed an expertise in a variety of business and advertising areas, which we’re proud to share with and give back to small businesses and non-profits in our community. With hundreds of talented business professionals across 12 disciplines, we are looking to amplify their impact in their communities by lending their expertise to organizations with tremendous promise and whose values align with ours.

Because we’re committed not just to our clients but also our community, our Goodway Cares program provides in-kind donations of selected services and expertise, not including monetary contributions or donated free media, to organizations in need. We can help these organizations effectively achieve their business goals through:

  • Strategy & Planning, Programmatic Trading*, Optimization, Reporting & Analysis
    Digital Media Buying
  • Marketing & Product Management, Sales Strategy***, Accounting, HR Organizational Development/Training, Executive Oversight****
    Business Administration
  • Research, Trafficking, Technical Engineering**, Account/Client Management
    Digital Media Operations

How It Works

1.  Review Our Eligibility Guidelines

We strive to fund as many requests as we can. But in order to keep the application process as efficient as possible, all applicants must meet our basic eligibility requirements. Goodway Cares was designed primarily for not-for-profit organizations classified as a 501(c) (3) public charity. However, for-profit startups with a focus on improving our world will also be considered.

2.  Submit Your Application

Any interested organization is invited to submit an application through our online form. Goodway Group is committed to reviewing every application and providing a response within 30 days. Please submit only one application per year.

3.  Participate in a Follow-Up Discovery Session

If your organization is selected to receive support as part of the Goodway Cares program, you will receive a brief follow-up call from our team to discuss the scope of your needs.

4.  Work with Goodway Volunteers

The heart of Goodway is our people, and where there are people, there are volunteers. Goodway employees throughout the United States will have an opportunity to volunteer to work with your organization based on their skills, availability and management approval.

5.  Let Us Get to Work

Goodway Group and your organization will sign off on a scope of work, non-disclosure agreement and other general agreement forms to ensure alignment in our understanding of the project goals and responsibilities of both teams.

6.  Share Your Success Stories

Once your campaign is complete, help us spread the word about your success across our teams, on our website, through social media and with the press.

Goodway Group has long had a passion for and focus on enriching the communities in which we work, live and play. Our Goodway Cares program helps us take another big step in our legacy of giving by working with organizations across the country to strengthen their impact and achieve their goals. We hope you’re as excited as we are to provide new ways for our team members to dedicate their time, talents and energy to making a difference.

Questions? Please email the Goodway Cares team at

Click Here to Complete Your Application

*Includes display, mobile, video, search engine marketing and social media, does not include SEO or social community management
**Includes coding, development and databases, does not include desktop support
***Does not include fund-raising or selling
****Fractional CEO participation required