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When it comes to content marketing, it’s not what you say but how you say it. In 2016, advertisers amplified their efforts in responding to increased consumer desire for valuable content that provides free and useful information in exchange for eyeballs. Helping to solve a problem that an audience is trying to solve provides advertisers with the opportunity to become a trusted go-to source in the field. And once established, the relationship can quickly go from a one-time transaction to a lifetime of brand advocacy.

With consumer attention spans thought to be limited to eight seconds, the key challenge has been providing informative content in a quickly digestible format, such as 15-second instructional videos or infographics. A thoughtful piece of content promoted correctly – whether in the form of native advertising, social promotions, email distribution or forum participation — can drive the right customers to convert. According to B2B marketers in particular, 63% recognize content marketing as having the greatest impact on their business.

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Looking ahead to 2017, top-notch content marketing will be expected and will flood the digital space as the next way to break through the clutter. One way that marketers will emerge victorious in their efforts is by way of influencer marketing. Influencer marketing leverages the assistance of social media and key individuals (YouTubers, Instagrammers, Snapchatters, bloggers, etc.) who have a strong impact on a target audience to promote products. The end consumer is influenced by these opinions and thought leadership, increasing both awareness and favorability.

Looking for other great ways to make an impact in 2017? More to come on digital video best practices in our next Digital State of the Union post.

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As director of account strategy & insights at Goodway Group, Nick uses math to help make clients heroes. Leveraging years of industry analytics experience from Digitas and Millward Brown Digital, he provides strategic advisement and knowledge development to ensure all client campaigns succeed. Nick believes that numbers tell stories and that good campaign strategy is a delicate blend of craft and science. When not talking programmatic, he can usually be found in his kitchen laboratory.