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Pricing Guide

What’s Programmatic Worth?

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Today’s programmatic auction is more complex than ever. Buyers must navigate the pricing impact of header bidding, price flooring and increased competition for high-quality, cross-device inventory. The good news? Machine learning technology is helping to bring more efficiency to your campaigns than ever before. In our latest guidebook, we’ve researched the newest tech trends and shared how you can use them to get a 20%+ boost in campaign performance.

People-Based Marketing

People-Based Marketing Stat Pack Slides

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Today’s advertisers must be able to recognize and reach their customers everywhere. But with the average consumer owning more than five devices and three email addresses, it’s easier said than done. Our People-Based Marketing Stat Pack slides can help you make the case for activating a better data-driven strategy.

Creative Best Practices Guide

Creative Best Practices Guide

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Want to make sure that your digital ads will resonate with consumers? Apply the creative do’s and don’ts listed in our Creative Best Practices guide. We provide you tips on display, mobile, and video to help you to develop effective ads for your brand.

Debunking Display Ad Myths

Debunking Display Ad Myths Stat Pack Slides

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It’s not surprising most people give banner ads a bad rap. But our newest stat pack debunks the top display ad myths and more with the instant research you need to explain why online banners should be in every client’s budget. If you’re ready to learn more about why display ads work, access our professionally designed stat pack slides now.

Advanced TV Guide

Advanced TV: Why Bother? Guide

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As how consumers watch TV shifts from cable to streaming services, how you buy TV ads needs to evolve. Download our guide to learn everything you need to know about advanced TV — terms, stats and what’s in it for your clients.

Advanced TV

Advanced TV Stat Pack Slides

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You know advanced TV is the way of the future, but your clients might still be wrapping their heads around it. Our Advanced TV Stat Pack slides cover audience composition, reasons for usage and spending trends so you can make the case for advanced TV.

Programmatic 101

Programmatic 101: How to Reach Today’s Consumers with Programmatic

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Have your clients taken the time to ensure their media strategy is up to date? What if you had a more compelling way to show clients how to reach today’s consumers with programmatic? Give your presentations a visual makeover with 10 professionally designed PowerPoint slides, specifically created to help agencies have more powerful conversations about programmatic on a practical level. Redefine their expectations of what programmatic can offer today.

Applying Viewability Intelligently

Viewability White Paper

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In this white paper, our data-science team took on the task of analyzing more than one billion delivered impressions to discover viewability’s true impact on campaign performance, as well as the importance of viewability within the many factors affecting digital media campaign results.

30 Days to Paid Digital Media Expertise

30 Days to Digital

Jay Friedman with Geoff Halsema and David Wolk | New 8th Edition!

Targeting, real-time bidding, native advertising, offline attribution — complex topics like these can confound and intimidate the best of digital media novices and veterans alike. Through easily digestible daily readings, newly updated 30 Days to Paid Digital Media Expertise cleverly breaks down little-understood concepts and clearly walks through the state of the industry today.