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Data Strategy Glossary

What is the difference between a CDP, CRM and CMP? How can marketers best use data-driven look-alike models to grow their prospect pools? Get in the know and become an expert on data strategy with access to all the essential terms you need to know now.

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Prove Your Advertising Works

Closing the gap between digital media metrics and your organization’s bottom line starts here. Jay Friedman’s newest book, Prove Your Advertising Works, is designed to help today’s CMOs connect the dots between digital marketing and business results with confidence.

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What’s Programmatic Worth?

Today’s programmatic auction is more complex than ever. Our latest guide offers insight into the newest trends and how you can leverage machine learning to get a 20% boost in campaign performance.

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People-Based Marketing

People-Based Marketing Stat Pack Slides

Today’s advertisers must be able to recognize and reach their customers everywhere. But with the average consumer owning more than five devices and three email addresses, it’s easier said than done. Our People-Based Marketing Stat Pack slides can help you make the case for activating a better data-driven strategy.

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Creative Best Practices Guide

Want to make sure that your digital ads will resonate with consumers? Apply the creative do’s and don’ts listed in our Creative Best Practices guide. We provide you tips on display, mobile, and video to help you to develop effective ads for your brand.

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Display Advertising Stat Pack

This must-read stat pack debunks the top myths about display advertising. Download it now to access all the research you need to explain why banner ads should be in every campaign budget.

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Advanced TV: Why Bother?

Advertisers that are only on traditional broadcast and cable TV are missing out. Find out why advanced TV is so popular and start seeing your TV ad strategy differently.

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Cracking the Code on Advanced TV

Streaming has changed the way people watch TV. We’ll help you change the way you reach them. Download our stat pack slides to uncover the latest trends in advanced TV and what’s in it for your clients.

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Programmatic 101 Guide

Have your clients taken the time to ensure their media strategy is up to date? Download our programmatic 101 guide to start more powerful conversations about their campaigns.

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Viewability White Paper

In this white paper from 2016, our data-science team took on the task of analyzing more than one billion delivered impressions to discover viewability’s true impact on campaign performance.

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30 Days to Digital

Published in 2016, this e-book breaks down complex digital media topics, like audience targeting, real-time bidding, native advertising and more, through easily digestible daily readings.

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