You need more than impressions and clicks — you need media that makes a real-life impact on your business.  We deliver media centered on your objectives — actions, engagements, leads, sales, whatever they may be — so you can prove more value from your media dollars.

Programmatic Media Capabilities

Our job is to keep up with the industry, master programmatic media buying, and vet technology and data partners so you don’t have to. We work to make your job easier and will support your unique business challenges. Our teams of strategists, traders, researchers, and account managers all care about your business and are here to make you the smartest person in the room.

  • The average consumer spends 5+ hours per day on digital devices.
    Source: IAB, Jun 2017
  • Over half of U.S. internet users watch videos online daily.
    Source Google and TNS, Sep 2017
  • Adults in the U.S. spend 59 minutes per day listening to digital audio.
    Source: eMarketer, Sep 2017
  • Paid search provides a strong ROI according to 60% of marketers.
    Source: Econsultancy, Apr 2017
  • The average U.S. adult spends over 50 minutes per day on social media.
    Source: eMarketer, Sep 2017
  • 43% of adults in the U.S. watch videos via non-TV devices daily.
    Source: Leichtman Research Group Inc., Jul 2017
    Advanced TV

Data & Analytics

Digital Media Services

Marketing to People Matters

If you’re not marketing to people, who are you marketing to? In the past, most digital marketing was targeted to devices rather than the individuals using them. We can securely and anonymously onboard your customer data to personalize messaging for your existing customers, exclude it to only focus on new customers or extend it by building look-alike audiences.

Driving Offline Sales Matters

We can connect your online advertising with offline sales to help prove return on your media investment.  With today’s technology, we can equate your advertising with actual sales or foot traffic lift for auto, restaurant or retail locations.

Digital Media Services

Case Studies

Pensacola Case Study
Case Study

Real Results: Travel

With an omni-channel approach, we delivered a 26%+ increase in annual visitor spending for our regional tourism client.

Case Study

Real Results: Auto

By connecting online advertising to offline dealership auto sales, we drove an  85 point higher  buy-through rate for exposed audiences.

Case Study

Real Results: Retail

Using a full-funnel display strategy, we drove a 90% ROI for our client, a men’s clothing company with an e-commerce site.

MetroNet Case Study
Case Study

Real Results: Telecom

Our data-driven display and search strategy drove in a 5:1 ROAS and 215% increase in sign-up orders for our telecommunications client.

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