We Believe in Great Transformations

Great transformations are ordinary at Goodway Group because we think change is good, and exhilarating: It keeps us nimble, keeps us pushing forward. Our ability to transform over the years is how we built our success and how we stay at the forefront of the digital industry, offering only the best digital support, tools, and web resources to our clients.


The Dream

Goodway 1919

A restless 14-year-old Milton Wolk threaded his way through the bustling Philadelphians on Race Street. Noticing a “boy wanted” sign outside of a printer’s shop, he ducked inside and became an errand boy for $10 a week. Impressed by the complex world of printing and delighted with the opportunity to operate presses, cut paper, and set type, Milton Wolk made up his mind that someday he would accomplish his dream of operating his own printing company.


The Dream Realized

Milton Wolk

The year the bottom fell out of the stock market, Milton managed to purchase an antiquated 10″ x 15″ flatbed press and pay one month’s rent for half of a shoemaker’s shop on North Fourth Street in Philadelphia. With $500, the remainder of his life savings, Goodway Printing Company was in business: His first contract grossed just $12 and took three days to complete.


The Dream Revamped

Beryl and Donald

Milton’s two sons, Beryl and Donald, returned from concurrent service as naval officers in the Korean War. While holding a company meeting with their dad in the family living room, they realized printing was but one facet of the larger field of communication. That day, the three decided to transform Goodway into a total communications company, so the family dream grew.


The Dream Retooled

Goodway 1979

David, Beryl’s son, joined the company after graduating from the Wharton School and decided to transform the marketing services aspect of the business. So the dream grew bigger still and so did Goodway’s business: Over the next 20+ years, this third-generation family-owned and –operated company expanded to encompass two printing plants and a professional marketing solutions team dedicated to the highest degree of customer service.


The Dream Reimagined

Dave Wolk and Jay Friedman

David, Goodway’s CEO, brought Jay Friedman aboard, and together they led the company through its greatest transformation yet, from one of the largest direct marketing companies to one of the most cutting-edge digital media companies in the country.

Today & Beyond

The Dream Remains

Goodway meeting

Under David’s and Jay’s bold leadership, Goodway – once a young boy’s cherished dream, now a dream carried on by many – will continue to advance and transform by integrating talented employees, creativity, technology and the best of multimedia marketing.