Why People-Based Marketing Should Power Your Media Plans

As a digital researcher, I like digging into the nitty-gritty of current industry hot topics. Right now, that’s people-based marketing. So, when my team asked me to explain why people-based marketing is so popular, I couldn’t wait to dive in.

We all know that today’s advertisers must be able to recognize and reach their customers everywhere. But with the average consumer owning more than five devices and three email addresses, it’s easier said than done … And explaining why people-based marketing is going to change all that is easier shown than said. This is where our new people-based marketing stat pack comes in.

The downloadable PowerPoint deck explains the benefits of using people-based marketing techniques to personalize ads so you can make the case to clients who might not be totally ready to hand over their customer data.

As a quick primer, check out my favorite stats from the deck:

why people-based marketing first statIT JUST GOT PERSONAL

More than half of consumers under 50 want more personalized ads.

why people-based marketing second statFIRST-PARTY DATA IS THE KEY

More than 60% of senior-level marketers had the highest lift among data sources with first-party data.

why people-based marketing third statPRIVACY REMAINS IMPORTANT

Millennials are three times more open to the benefits of data sharing than any other generation.

why people-based marketing fourth statWHY DOES IT MATTER? BECAUSE IT WORKS

83% of media buyers say people-based marketing is more effective than standard campaigns.

why people-based marketing fifth statDON’T GET LEFT BEHIND

Over 90% of media buyers increased their people-based ad buys last year.

Want more? Download the full people-based marketing stat pack for the instant research you need to explain why people-based marketing should be a part of every advertiser’s data-driven strategy.People-based marketing stat pack call-to-action form header

For more tips and tricks, check out our latest video on how people-based marketing works and find out how to prepare your CRM for data onboarding. Or contact us to activate your people-based marketing strategy now.


As an agency veteran, Megan has been fascinated by the efficiency and effectiveness of the programmatic revolution since Day 1. Creating and managing her first in-house trading desk early in her career was a source of inspiration that drives her to this day as a research manager at Goodway Group. She brings a unique and fresh share-first approach to programmatic media and digital strategy as part of her role to grow the knowledge base across Goodway and the entire digital media industry. If after nearly ten years in media she still claims her passion for programmatic, it’s clear she is doing something right.