NEW30DaysCoverThe ad tech world can confound and intimidate digital marketers, experts and novices alike. But having Goodway Group’s newly updated 8th edition of 30 Days to Paid Digital Media Expertise in hand will make it much easier to navigate.

In this industry tool, author Jay Friedman, partner and COO of Goodway Group, clearly covers timely complex topics such as targeting, real-time bidding, native advertising, and offline attribution in an accessible manner for all. The easy-to-read guide explains the current landscape of digital advertising and how it works and also delivers keen insights on how marketers can go above and beyond their current efforts to achieve success.

The book’s 8th edition now has a revised content structure, new branding, and an improved layout for even better readability. Inside, find the latest results of Goodway’s ongoing survey, State of Digital Media and the Regional Agency. Learn how regional agencies select digital vendors, measure performance and ROI, and determine how much budget to devote to digital. And discover today’s industry trends and all about the programmatic landscape including mobile geotargeting, cross-device, private marketplaces, pricing trends analysis, and cutting-edge campaign measurement technologies such as offline-online data matching.

Download the 8th edition of 30 Days to Paid Digital Media Expertise here.


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