Programmatic pricing has become a hot-button conversation in the ad tech industry; yet, few have published real research around what can be expected from media prices in 2017—until now. Today, Goodway Group published its newest research resource, “What’s Programmatic Costing You: An Insider’s Guide to Understanding the Rising Costs of Programmatic Advertising.”

rpc-guidebook-web-coverInside, readers will find the latest results from an analysis of billions of bids and weekly median media prices in the United States over a 12-month time period—indicating programmatic display ad pricing will increase 15 – 20 percent by 2018. They’ll also learn about several trends poised to take an even greater hold in the marketplace in 2017, including a continued industry shift to dynamic CPMs, continued rise of header bidding, more robust price discovery practices, and continued adoption of artificial intelligence by ad tech next year.

Goodway knows while we can’t make media prices go down, what we can do is help advertisers and agencies to understand why this is happening. Our free guidebook does just that, giving readers the CliffsNotes and easy-to-understand infographics they need to have real conversations about pricing with their programmatic partner.

More than just a retrospective on what’s caused price increases, this guidebook also offers keen insights and advice on how marketers can get more value out of their media so their performance and brand safety actually improve beyond the price increases.

Understanding programmatic advertising’s hottest debate starts here. Get the guide!


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