LiveRamp Partners with Goodway Group, Activating People-Based Marketing

We have partnered with LiveRamp, the leading provider of omnichannel identity resolution, so we can connect first-, second- and third-party data  to enhance our targeting capabilities and better understand customers to provide a more seamless experience along the purchase path. Ashton Gary, our director of enterprise partnerships, said, "The advanced identity resolution capabilities provided by LiveRamp enable us to more precisely target the right audience with a level of accuracy that was simply not possible before. We’re able to target down to a much more granular level, and send relevant messages that resonate with consumers.”

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How Programmatic Will Change TV Measurement

Programmatic TV advertisers are looking for more: more detailed viewership metrics than the demographic info Nielsen provides and more tools with rich, in-depth measurement solutions. In this Digiday article, Sarah Scherer, our media product manager, said with set-top box data, advertisers can now reach viewers at the household level and gain more info than ever before, like what networks ran their brands' ads and how many people within a target audience may have seen those ads plus the impression delivery by date or geography.

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The Marketer Guide to Programmatic TV

In this Digiday article, Sarah Scherer, media product manager, said it can be challenging for media buyers to measure programmatic TV today. It all comes down to how much access advertisers have to TV manufacturer data and set-top box data. And even then, it can be fragmented and complicated to analyze. But she said measurement should become more streamlined as programmatic TV matures.

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Goodway Group CEO David Wolk Named a Glassdoor Highest-Rated CEO, in 2017

Our CEO David Wolk has won a Glassdoor Employees' Choice award recognizing 2017 Highest-Rated CEOs in the U.S. small & medium business category based on anonymous, voluntary reviews our employees shared on Glassdoor throughout the past year.

“I am absolutely humbled by this award,” says Wolk. “I think a company is only as good as its corporate culture and at Goodway we have placed a real emphasis on open communication, collaboration and transparency. I am proud to lead such an exceptional group of people.”

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Goodway Group Certified As a “Great Workplace” by Independent Analysis

We were just certified as a great workplace by the independent analysts at Great Place to Work® based on extensive employee surveys: 98% of our employees say we're a great workplace among other key findings.

“We are honored to receive this type of feedback directly from our employees,” says Jay Friedman, COO, Goodway Group. “Our model serves as a strong proof point that a remote workforce can produce a culture that is caring, collaborative, efficient and inspires pride.”

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Programmatic Icon: The Trade Desk Playbook for Growing a Thriving Ad Tech Business

The Trade Desk is beating the odds in ad tech. While many ad tech businesses now are struggling and losing ground, The Trade Desk only keeps on growing and keeps on winning with its strong focus on agencies, buyside techniques and a global omnichannel strategy. In this Digiday article, Jay Friedman, COO of Goodway Group, shares his experience with The Trade Desk's "agency first" approach and has nothing but praise, saying the demand-side platform (DSP) is easy to work with, offers great service, and is always willing to take action, such as building  out new products or features.

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Why Twitter’s TellApart Fell Apart

Twitter acquired TellApart, a remarketing platform, in 2015 in hopes of giving its own direct response revenue a boost. But the boost never materialized, and now Twitter's largest acquisition to date is looking like a bust, with TellApart now being blamed for Twitter's current performance problems. So what went wrong? Jay Friedman, Goodway Group's COO, shares his thoughts in this AdExchanger article.

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Header Bidding Unleashed a Huge Infrastructure Problem and Ad Tech Will Either Sink or Swim

Header bidding is increasing the number of impressions per second ad exchanges must send and demand-side platforms (DSPs) must evaluate. So much so, both the buy and sell sides are feeling the pressure to keep up as they grapple with how to handle this massive volume and its associated rising costs. Is buying more server capacity to handle the data the answer, or simply processing fewer impressions? Which decision is going to keep them afloat? Jay Friedman, Goodway Group's COO, gives his perspective in this AdExchanger article.

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Oracle Will Acquire Moat, Ups Targeting Options

With the acquisition of Moat, an independent third-party measurement and tracking company, Oracle now will be able to provide brands and marketers with all types of targeting and measurement solutions to improve every type of digital advertising campaign. Hear Group COO Jay Friedman weigh in on why he feels this acquisition is such a smart move in this MediaPost article.

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Goodway Group Ramps Up Hiring for 2017, Focusing on Women in Tech

Because of our strong growth, we are ramping up our hiring efforts in 2017 with a special focus on women in tech.

"Our virtual workforce model has enabled us to grow quickly and tap into a huge pool of high-tech experts, many of them women, who live outside of the typical tech hubs, such as New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles," said Jay Friedman, COO, Goodway Group. "We love that we have representation at our company from almost every state. This diverse group brings us so much value, which is made even more apparent with the tech and advertising industries facing diversity and gender inequality issues."

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Goodway Group Releases 2017 Programmatic Pricing Forecast

Goodway Group, a managed services programmatic media firm serving hundreds of advertising agencies and marketers across North America, has released its 2017 programmatic pricing forecast with projections for programmatic pricing over the next year. The report, titled “What’s Programmatic Costing You?: An Insider’s Guide to Understanding the Rising Costs of Programmatic Advertising,” predicts that programmatic display ad pricing will increase by 15 – 20 percent by 2018. The report also predicts several trends poised to take an even greater hold in the marketplace including a continued industry shift to dynamic CPMs, continued rise of header bidding, more robust price discovery practices, and continued adoption of artificial intelligence by ad tech next year.

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6 Ways Ad Agencies Are Falling Short

In this iMedia Connection article, Jay Friedman, COO of Goodway Group, explains six areas where agencies have room to improve. His suggestions include how to handle high turnover, results measurement,  valuing work, client communication, partnering and outsourcing, and better planning and strategy. But taking his advice doesn't involve a complete agency-model overhaul, just a few tweaks, so you can better control the client relationship, retain employees, enjoy greater profitability, and build a more complete and successful agency.

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The Stumbling Blocks to Marrying Programmatic Buying and Native Ads

Though the pairing of programmatic buying and native advertising was supposed to be met with great enthusiasm, digital media buyers have only given it a lukewarm reception so far. But Goodway Group COO Jay Friedman believes this type of inventory will grow in popularity once more demand-side platforms (DSPs) build out the technology to support native.

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