Some Employers Are Rethinking Telework, Citing a Need for Better Collaboration

In a time when remote workforces are being called back into the office, Goodway Group's remote workforce is thriving says our COO Jay Friedman in this NPR article. Due to our unique setup and flexibility, our employees can work from anywhere in the country from their own homes. This means we can hire those people with the precise expertise we need, the best talent from around the country, not just the best talent from where we're headquartered. We pride ourselves on our ability to document everything – all our processes, our learning, and our training – well and often so employees can work efficiently, while staying on task and on the same page.

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Goodway Group Ramps Up Hiring for 2017, Focusing on Women in Tech

To continue its strong growth, Goodway Group, a leading managed-services programmatic partner, is especially looking to hire women in the high-tech industry this year to support its co-op business, ranging from auto to hospitals to quick-service restaurants. Voted one of the 2017 Best Places to Work from Glassdoor, Goodway offers a lot of great benefits, such as all Goodway employees get to work remotely from home, and most can live anywhere they choose within the United States.

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Hiring: Women in Ad Tech

Through its Women in Tech Hiring Initiative, Goodway Group is ramping up 2017 hiring efforts with a special focus on women: The company is looking for qualified candidates to service its regional co-op business in the quick-service restaurant, auto and hospital sectors.

This MediaPost Real-Time Daily article includes testimonials from Goodway women employees, where they explain all the benefits Goodway Group offers and why it's such the right fit for their lives.

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