rgb TAG IQG CertifiedThe Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), an industry accountability program dedicated to eliminating fraud, combating malware, fighting ad-supported Internet piracy, and promoting brand integrity and safety through greater transparency in the digital ad supply chain, just posted its current list of Inventory Quality Guidelines (IQG)-certified companies, and Goodway Group is on the list!

These Guidelines help buyers know they can confidently purchase advertising with ease through sellers they can trust. And by being IQG-certified, Goodway Group proves it’s committed to excellence and to driving the digital media industry forward by leading the way when it comes to integrity, trust, transparency, quality, and safety.

For more information, please visit https://www.tagtoday.net/.tag-logo


Goodway Group is the digital partner advertisers trust to drive campaign performance and media efficiency. Proud to be completely independently owned and operated, Goodway provides trustworthy expertise that meets its clients’ needs — and no one else’s. Using predictive intelligence, Goodway helps advertisers get the most value out of every impression across all paid digital media. Through the combination of employing the smartest technology and the most experienced people in the industry, Goodway delivers authentic results.

Goodway Group. Honestly Smart Digital.