Five Reasons Why Attending a German Trade Show Benefits Our Clients

The Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference (dmexco) is the largest digital marketing trade show in the world. This was my third trip to dmexco, which is held every September in Cologne, Germany, and the second year in a row that our COO, Jay Friedman, went with me.

The Olympics: Social Media Engagement Infographic

Contributed by Jackie Nadel, Marketing Content Strategist at Goodway Group

We’re now a little more than halfway through the Rio 2016 Olympics, and it’s been an amazing journey so far. We were excited to watch the United States’ wins and can’t wait to see what the second week of the Olympics brings. In the meantime, we’ve reviewed stats for the top three social media platforms and awarded them medals based on their 2012 versus 2016 Olympics engagement. Overall, the Olympics engagement […]

5 Takeaways from the 2016 Internet Trends Report

Contributed by Amanda Benoist, Marketing Content Strategist at Goodway Group

What’s the fastest way to get the big picture of how technology is evolving? Check out the 2016 Internet Trends report from renowned industry analyst, Mary Meeker.

At 213 slides, the full report still might be too much to chew. Instead, let us give you a digest of the top five trends that are shaping the future of digital advertising:

1. Don’t judge flat growth rates too harshly.

While Meeker suggests […]

Goodway Group Study Scrutinizes 100% Viewability; Industry Viewability Standard

White Paper Tests Viewability’s Impact on Ad Performance

Goodway Group, a managed services programmatic media firm serving hundreds of advertising agencies and marketers across North America, has released a white paper titled “Applying Viewability Intelligently for Measurably Improved Performance.” The report showcases the results of an exhaustive study that analyzed more than one billion delivered impressions to understand viewability’s true impact on campaign performance, and also the importance of viewability within the many factors affecting digital media […]

The Marketing Industry: What One Thing Would You Change?

iStock_000084239407_Medium_ChangeiMedia Connection recently asked eleven top players to confess one thing they wish they could change about our industry for the better.

How did they respond? Read their insightful responses and how our own Jay Friedman, COO at Goodway Group, weighed in on this intriguing question here:

Some SSPs Are Changing Roles

iStock_000037265596_Man Laptop ThinkingSome supply-side platforms (SSPs) are changing, becoming more–now supporting both the sell side AND the buy side in a bid to drive more revenue growth.

Why is this bad? It leads to even more confusion, less transparency, and more programmatic media barriers in our industry.

For Goodway Group COO Jay Friedman’s take on the matter, read his recent AdExchanger article

Is Your Digital Media Budget Leaking?

iStock_000014596001_WebApproximately 10 percent of digital media budgets are leaking. But it’s hard to plug the holes if you simply don’t know where to look or what to do, if you can’t find the trouble spots.

In this Entrepreneur article, 3 Leaks in Your Digital Marketing Budget You’ll Want to Plug Today, Goodway Group COO Jay Friedman identifies and explains the 3 most common leaks—uncontrolled frequency, untargeted purchase behaviors, and […]

Closing the Gap in Digital Media Efficacy

Stock-64948023-web-croppedThe gulf between sophisticated marketers and the rest of the pack is huge when it comes to digital media efficacy.

Goodway Group‘s COO Jay Friedman explains what marketers immediately can do—prevent ineffective measurement, pay for brilliance, measure the right thing the right way, and get back to basics—to help close the gap in the AdExchanger article, Some Marketers Will Fail At Bridging Online Media And Offline Sales, […]

Embrace Digital Advertising's Measurement and Technology

iStock_000056042348_FullDid your target consumers see the ad? Absorb it? Did it stick? Did it resonate? Measuring digital’s viewability and detecting ad fraud, it’s complicated. Sometimes, doing so can leave marketers feeling frustrated, focused on the messiness, the imperfect answers.

Yet Goodway Group’s COO Jay Friedman explains why marketers should accept this complexity and focus on results instead—all that digital advertising can do today to measure success and effectiveness—in this AdExchanger article […]

Digital Advertising Is a Seller's Market

Mobile devicesBuyers or sellers? In any market economy, who wins out shifts with economic ups and downs. The digital advertising market is no exception. And today, sellers—that is, publishers—are winning, especially as we’re learning there’s a finite source of quality, viewable inventory available in the open exchange. Now publishers have a great opportunity to re-engineer their inventory to exploit the massive demand out there for quality placements. But how?

Read […]

2016 Digital Marketing Predictions

The 2015 digital marketing industry was dominated by native advertising, an increase in programmatic ad spending, hyper-segmentation and viewability. But as 2015 comes to a close, marketers are beginning to observe what digital marketing trends are going to arise in 2016.

Jay Friedman, chief operating officer of the programmatic ad tech firm Goodway Group, offers his predictions on what 2016 digital marketing trends are going to take hold and impact the industry:

People-based Marketing – 2016 will be the first […]

Mobile Targeting 2.0

By: Jonathan Mellinger, VP Enterprise Partnerships at Goodway Group

This time last year the debate was raging over the death of the third-party cookie.

We wondered: How will we track mobile conversions given the app sandbox? And will clients have first-party data at scale to target media? These questions, at the time, were relevant. But it seems I haven’t heard them much in the last few months. It could be “viewability” just seems to dominate every conversation in the online media world […]

Acting Like Congress Will Not Solve Viewability and Fraud

By: Jay Friedman, COO at Goodway Group.

There are a lot of articles I read only to end up shaking my head.  Then there are those that leave me like this:

To be fair to Ryan, it wasn’t his writing as much as it was commentary by others.  Skip down to the quote by Jennifer Gardner of Unilever. “We define viewability as an ad that is viewed […]

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