GDPR May Hand an Advertising Opportunity to Two Unexpected Players

"The strategy behind targeted campaigns will adjust in the short term until the industry sees how this new regulation is enforced, but the largest impact will be on the scale of third-party data due to the new requirement of explicit consent," says our Director of Enterprise Partnerships Amanda Martin in this Business Insider GDPR article.

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3 Ways to Avoid Fluctuation Between In-Housing and Outsourcing Programmatic Media

In this Adweek article, our COO Jay Friedman talks about how agencies can quit the media centralization/decentralization cycle and prolong their in-housing or outsourcing efforts, no matter which camp they currently fall in.

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Goodway Adds Industry-First Features to Its RealValue® Advertising Platform

Our RealValue Advertising Platform has the full gamut of pre- and post-bid technology to support campaign performance from start to finish. Now with two new industry-first algorithms added to the foundation, it's even better: We have improved average campaign lift to 26 percent over a control.

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Oracle Data Cloud Launches Program for Auto Dealer Marketing

This MediaPost Marketing Daily article shares how we are one of the first nine leading Tier III auto marketing agencies to qualify for Oracle Data Cloud's advanced data training and marketing program and to receive their Auto Elite Data Marketer (EDM) designation.

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Goodway Group’s 2018 Programmatic Pricing Guide Projects Big Price Increase for Mobile Ads by 2019

This Mobile Marketing Watch article discusses our second-annual programmatic pricing guide details and findings and also includes commentary from our COO Jay Friedman.

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