Oracle, Salesforce, Adobe, TTD, Oath, Indie SSPs, Roku And LiveRamp Must Come Together

In this AdExchanger byline, Jay explains why the world needs one fantastic open-ecosystem competitor to the walled gardens for everyone in the digital media industry to thrive.

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Through Consolidation and Net Neutrality Repeal, the Duopoly Becomes a Lots-More-Opoly

In this AdExchanger "Data-Driven Thinking" column, our COO Jay Friedman writes about why consolidation and the net neutrality repeal could soon put large content providers on more equal footing with Facebook and Google.

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Industry Insiders Are Buzzing About Possible Ad-Tech Acquisitions After AT&T Shelled Out a Reported $1.6 Billion for AppNexus

In the wake of AT&T's AppNexus acquisition, our COO Jay Friedman shares his thoughts on potential future ad-tech acquisitions. 

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GDPR May Hand an Advertising Opportunity to Two Unexpected Players

"The strategy behind targeted campaigns will adjust in the short term until the industry sees how this new regulation is enforced, but the largest impact will be on the scale of third-party data due to the new requirement of explicit consent," says our Director of Enterprise Partnerships Amanda Martin in this Business Insider GDPR article.

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