6 Creative Best Practices for a Successful Digital Ad

At Goodway, we focus on programmatic media buying, but we’ve seen enough successful and unsuccessful creatives throughout the years to know our way around creative best practices. Our handy infographic diagrams the creative best practices you should be following for a knockout creative that will grab consumers’ attention.


Read This If You Like Hot Dogs, Baseball, or First-party Data Targeting

As advertisers in every industry (including those selling frankfurters) slash prices to take advantage of summertime, we'll share three tips to maximize your first-party data targeting and enhance your seasonal ad strategy.


The Truth About Fake News: A Q&A Every Advertiser Should Read

According to DoubleVerify, nearly half of the fake sites in our ecosystem didn't exist at the start of 2016, and traffic to many of those sites more than doubled by the end of the year. When the online reality doesn't add up, you might be left with a lot of questions about fake news. Now, you can get the answers.


What is Programmatic? A Video You Can Share with Clients

You’ve spent hours crafting the perfect pitch deck for your client, and now it’s your big moment to deliver. Then come the dreaded questions from their old-school CEO, “What is programmatic advertising? Why should I spend money on it? Can’t we just keeping buying from the sites we know?”


Your Holiday Guide to e-Newsletter Advertising

Contributed by Jonathan Pinkerton, Media Product Manager at Goodway Group


From Apple Watches to peppermint mochas to cozy sweaters on sale for $19.99, my in-box has reminded me that it’s time to break out the balsam fir candle and start planning for the holidays.

This time of year, especially, I receive dozens of emails every day from companies promoting their newest product or suggesting how I can be the best gift-giver this December. But […]


Back to Basics: Programmatic Enables More Sophisticated Targeting

Contributed by Amanda Benoist, Marketing Content Strategist at Goodway Group

gettyimagesprogrammatictargetingHave you taken the time to really understand and tap into the path your customers take to find you, research your products, compare you to other options, and to choose (or not choose) you? Today’s consumers will consult more than 12 sources before making a big purchase and nearly 75 percent of customers will […]


Back to Basics: Programmatic Takes Advantage of Big Data More Effectively

The principles surrounding digital media—determining your campaign objective, identifying your target, communicating your message, and measuring your results—are no different than any ad campaign that ran one hundred years ago.


Back to Basics: Programmatic Is More Efficient

Contributed by Amanda Benoist, Marketing Content Strategist at Goodway Group

Strategy on Blackboard

It used to be easy to follow a consumer’s buying process. They saw an advertisement. They went to a store and talked to a human being about the product. They decided to buy the product or not.

The fact that the digital landscape has changed everything in the way that we buy isn’t debatable. The Internet has made the process much […]


The Scoop on Sourced Traffic

Contributed by Noah Everist, Director, Account Strategy at Goodway GroupShot of a businessman using a laptop in an office

What is Sourced Traffic?

Sourced traffic is any method by digital media sellers to get visitors via third parties, and the tactic is commonly used to reach audience guarantees for digital ad campaigns, also commonly known as audience extension.*

Marketers Unaware of Sourced Traffic Issues

Many clients and advertisers take deals with direct sites at face value […]

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