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Goodway Group’s 2018 Programmatic Pricing Guide Projects Big Price Increase for Mobile Ads by 2019

This Mobile Marketing Watch article discusses our second-annual programmatic pricing guide details and findings and also includes commentary from our COO Jay Friedman.

Goodway Group Named One of the 2017 Best Workplaces for Diversity

Great Place to Work® and FORTUNE just named Goodway Group one of the 2017 Best Workplaces for Diversity, and we came in at no. 84 on the list.

“At Goodway Group, we strive to create an inclusive and diverse environment where employees feel valued and are able to build their careers,” said David Wolk, president, Goodway Group, “We are committed to providing a workforce model that caters to each team member’s needs and allows employees to develop both professionally and personally.”

The Best Workplaces for Diversity is one of a series of rankings by Great Place to Work and FORTUNE based on employee feedback from Great Place to Work-Certified™ organizations. Goodway Group also was ranked as a Best Workplace for Women and a Best Small & Medium Workplace by Great Place to Work and FORTUNE.

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Goodway Group’s 2018 Programmatic Pricing Guide Projects 45%+ Price Increase for Mobile Ads by 2018

We have just released our second guide to programmatic pricing, which includes programmatic pricing predictions for the coming year and the trends that will likely dominate the marketplace.

To inform our guide’s predictions, our data science team studied billions of bids placed and the average CPM price per week in the United States between January and September 2017. Using DSP raw impression files and classification to identify device types, the test included data from more than 10,000 campaigns, across every DMA in the country.

Our COO Jay Friedman said, “Mobile advertising has been historically undervalued because it has been siloed or considered secondary to desktop. However, with consumer behavior shifting to mobile and advertisers shifting to people-based marketing efforts, it’s no surprise that prices for mobile ads are going way up next year.”

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The Goodway Life: Mastering the Science and Art of Digital Media

Christine Yang, our Atlanta-based learning and development program manager, shares how her transition from traditional media planner to digital media trader to L&D has helped her master both the science and the art of digital advertising.

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It’s Time Marketers Realize that Supply Is not Unlimited

Bots. Domain spoofing. Nonviewable ads. Header bidding. In this AdExchanger Data-Driven Thinking article, our COO Jay Friedman covers all the reasons why high-quality programmatic inventory is so limited these days and three simple things we can do to move toward good-quality inventory at a fair price.

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‘It’s Not the Silver Bullet’: Media Buyers See Limits on the Impact of ads.txt

Though not perfect, the Interactive Advertising Bureau launched its ads.txt initiative in May to help improve transparency and fight ad fraud in the programmatic advertising industry. It works like this: Publishers place a text file on their web server that lists all the companies that are authorized to sell their inventory. Programmatic firms do something similar: They integrate ads.txt to show which publishers' inventory they are authorized to sell. In fact, our COO Jay Friedman said most demand-side platforms (DSPs) have now integrated ads.txt, but media buyers just take their word for it. Still with these new ads.txt processes in place, media buyers have the ability to know if what they're purchasing is valid and crack down on the unauthorized reselling of inventory.

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Amazon Advertising: Reconsidering the Retail Platform

eMarketer just released a report about Amazon Advertising (available to eMarketer Pro customers only), and our COO Jay Friedman was a source. Want a quick overview? Check out this eMarketer article, which includes the report's executive summary, table of contents and chart list.

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Industry Opinion: Is the Honest Ads Act a Viable Solution for Digital Political Advertising?

The Honest Ads Act hopes to bring more clarity and transparency around political digital advertising. But will it? The Drum was curious about what advertising and marketing professionals thought of the bill, and our COO Jay Friedman was one who shared his thoughts.

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Great Place to Work® and FORTUNE Name Goodway Group One of 2017’s Best Small & Medium Workplaces

We are so honored Fortune magazine and Great Place to Work® just named us one of the 2017 Best Small & Medium Workplaces. Among the winning medium businesses on the list, we came in at No. 8 and earned this spot based on coworkers' assessment of camaraderie, leadership, fairness, rewards and career opportunities in the workplace. Check out our press release to learn more about this exciting award win.

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ROI-Based Planning: The Antidote to Zero-Based Budgeting

In this AdExchanger Data-Driven Thinker column, our COO Jay Friedman explains why marketers should drop zero-based budgeting (ZBB), a cost-cutting technique where you build your budget from $0, and instead embrace lift-based budgeting, a method that lets marketers segment budgets with certain goals and truly work toward measurable results that affect the bottom line.

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Goodway Group and CTAM Partnership Captures a Drum Award

Goodway Group and Cable & Telecommunications Association of Marketing (CTAM) won most effective programmatic media partnership for their collaborative CableMover® digital media strategy campaign at The Drum Digital Trading Awards USA on September 21, 2017.

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Header Bidding for Ad Buyers: What Brands, Agencies, and Buy-Side Platforms Need to Know

Our COO Jay Friedman's header bidding commentary was included in eMarketer's latest report (available to eMarketer's PRO customers only). To get a sneak peek inside, check out this eMarketer link, which shares the report's executive summary, table of contents and chart list. *For even more report details, see this eMarketer article.

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Advertisers Down on Digital

In this Advertising Specialty Institute article about large advertisers scaling back their digital ad spend, our COO Jay Friedman explains how we’re making digital advertising more effective with our anti-fraud initiative and how we reduced our fraud level by less than 1% after eliminating exchanges with sketchy supply sources.

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