About Amanda Benoist

A seasoned marketing pro with years of experience on both agency and client teams, Amanda brings valuable insight and solutions to today’s challenges in strategic communications, digital branding, and social media management. As marketing manager for Goodway Group, Amanda transforms complex digital media topics into easy-to-understand resources to keep all advertisers and marketers at the forefront of understanding the evolving programmatic landscape. Her favorite part of the job? She gets to share our compelling story with new audiences each and every day.

How to Optimize Campaign ROI without Touching Your Media

Optimizing your programmatic media campaign is key to driving a powerful marketing machine. Of course, tweaking your bids, creative elements, and audience segments are the most obvious and some of the quickest ways to increase your campaign’s effectiveness.


Read This If You Like Hot Dogs, Baseball, or First-party Data Targeting

As advertisers in every industry (including those selling frankfurters) slash prices to take advantage of summertime, we'll share three tips to maximize your first-party data targeting and enhance your seasonal ad strategy.


Back to Basics: Programmatic Takes Advantage of Big Data More Effectively

The principles surrounding digital media—determining your campaign objective, identifying your target, communicating your message, and measuring your results—are no different than any ad campaign that ran one hundred years ago.