It’s tough for auto dealers to know if their digital advertising is influencing sales since most consumers buy cars offline. Our proprietary Auto Purchase Attribution reporting, powered by Oracle Data Cloud and Polk, fills in this gap by connecting the dots between your advertising and your vehicle sales.

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How Does Auto Purchase Attribution Work?

We work with Oracle and Polk to match our anonymous impression data to their household and auto sales data. Matching these three data sets tells us which households both saw your ad and bought a car.

Understand Advertising Impact with Buy-Through Rate

Our reporting includes your Buy-Through Rate, or BTR, which compares households who saw your ads and bought a car to all households who saw your ads. It takes the guesswork out of auto advertising and shows the impact of advertising on your bottom line.

Reporting that Shows Real Results

Our beautiful reports display Buy-Through Rate by make, model, segment and state so that you can compare across different categories. Not only can we show you your BTR, but we can also show you your competitor’s BTR, so you can better inform your conquesting strategy.

Data That’s More Than
the Sum of Its Parts

Harness the combined data power of Oracle, Polk and Goodway.

Sales Impact

Review metrics that link auto sales to impressions.


Understand how many vehicle buyers saw your ad.

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