What I Learned This Week – 5/24/2013

Here’s what I learned this week.

http://www.adexchanger.com/data-exchanges/display-advertising-acquireweb/ – A pretty straightforward description by a CEO of how one company is thinking about a cookie-less world.

http://www.adexchanger.com/data-exchanges/mozillas-underblocking-cookie-issues-ftc-commissioner-supports-self-regulation-among-advertisers/ – Speaking of cookies, Mozilla still has some work to do. The industry has someone in its corner though, Commissioner Maureen Ohlhausen supports  voluntary, self-regulation for our industry. In case you’ve been hibernating this winter, here’s the bill causing all the hubbub.

http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/200967/network-advertising-initiative-proposes-new-mobile.html?edition=60341#axzz2U3FRXsTS – Mobile regulatory group is also preparing its own initiative for a code of conduct for advertising on mobile devices.

http://techpinions.com/androids-market-share-is-literally-a-joke/16709 – I’m always a sucker for a well-reasoned slap-down of the MSM when they don’t do their homework. A little long-winded perhaps but it doesn’t fail to make a valid point.

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